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Ativan 2 mg vs. Ativan 1 mg: what do the different doses of Ativan mean?

Ativan is a medicine used for the treatment of several anxiety disorders and other psychological conditions. Amidst the hectic life of the people in the present times, it becomes almost impossible to keep yourself protected from the imbalance in the mental state. However, what is essential is to realize that the treatment of the problem is as necessary as accepting the issue as a challenge. It is because of this reason that Ativan is prescribed to the people suffering from such conditions. The Ativan 2 mg is a dose which is offered to the elderly patients as a treatment for the anxiety issues.

What is the meaning of different doses of medicine?

Ativan belongs to the category of medicines known as benzodiazepine, which are a drug that produces a calming and relaxing effect. The relaxation desired by a person depends on his/her age, physical condition, and other factors and it is for this reason why there are different doses of the medicine available, and you must know in great detail before you buy Ativan online.

The doses of Ativan keep on changing throughout the day as the most massive dose of the medicine is given at night right before going to bed. The 2 mg dose is the usual dose, which is given to the patients in the initial days to check the response of their body.

Thus, Ativan is an effective medicine for the treatment of anxiety related issues, considering you are aware of the right dose.

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