Privacy policy:

Online shopping is a matter of trust and security, and it is because of this reason that we take complete care to make sure that our privacy policy is in the interest of our customers and visitors. We take special care to make sure that the data of the visitors on our website is not collected without their permission. Confidentiality of the information and consent of the user are the two primary considerations of our website.

We make sure to follow all the rules laid down by the concerned authority concerning the containment and disclosure of the information.

The primary reason for mentioning the privacy policy is to get our users acquainted with the basics of the functioning of our privacy policy.

We also make sure that the personal information collected by us is only to create a database which helps us to serve our customers better. We shall not make use of this information for any personal or monetary gains.

Additionally, we also give a great deal of attention to the consent of the user. You can stay relieved that not a single information shall be collected or stored by us without your explicit permission. Moreover, the data collected by us is used to send emails and other notifications regarding the launch of our new products or update your regarding an existing one.

The kind of information that we collect from our users is usually their name, id, contact number, address, and some other related details. These pieces of information are collected when you sign up on our website. Moreover, we also make sure to receive details of your bank like credit or debit card and your postal code if you order medicines from us. This information remains wholly concealed and encrypted on our database, which ensures complete security and reliability. Moreover, the data collected by us is used for a variety of purposes like-

  • Improving the functionality of the website
  • Ensuring better communication between the buyer and the seller
  • Verifying the identity of the person to prevent fraud